Pieces of a jigsaw

Maybe, it’s not supposed to fit in. Maybe it’s a jigsaw that’s better unsolved, unfinished. Maybe, it’s better that way. It’s not necessary for all pieces to fit together immediately, she said to herself.
Then one day,
I finally found my calling!
She exclaimed, inside the empty room.
There she was studying a subject, she no longer enjoyed
Her mind always wandered back to the drawing-room
Where all her canvases were
It had been right in front of her eyes all these years
But, they had been blurred by visions of what others would think,
Well, she had a choice to make
Should she go with what her heart wanted, or with what her brain told her to do
We all have been in that situation at one point
Where we wish to do what we love the most
But fear acceptance
But only those who venture
Only those who follow their heart,
Will truly succeed
Because, no matter how successful you become in life
If you do not do what you are truly meant to
There will be no inner peace
It is always a difficult decision
Because, after you’ve been doing something for so long, you’ve put all you efforts into it
You finally find your calling
But let me tell you, the day you find your calling
You’ll not have to put effort into it
’cause things will automatically fall into place
And the pieces of the puzzle
Which were looking all weird back then
Will fit together perfectly
And you’ll not have to understand how
Don’t let the cloudy thoughts prevail
They’ll vaporize anyway
And you’ll definitely find your calling 🙂


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