‘So, what is this all about?’,she asks standing there, confused, knowing not what to do. What can a person do in a situation like that?
No reply.
‘Are you alright?Are you feeling blue?’, she asks. There is a look of concern on her face, genuine.
I’d rather say I’m feeling orange, thought Sam. He did not want to share his feelings with anyone, he had put in too much effort burying them deep inside, not to be touched again, and here was Resse, trying, trying hard to rake those feelings again. Why was she doing that? It wasn’t helping him at all. He knew she meant good, but it got worse. Colors are often used to express feelings
Blue for sadness,Red for anger, and orange for, orange for what?
Orange for autumn, for the sun shining bright in the sky. Orange for determination and happiness. Yes, he was feeling determined, determined to forget his past and get ready for the future.
But something about his past kept calling him back.
He recalled that day in summer, he lay there, peacefully at home, listening to the jingles of the ice cream truck as it passed. He was about 12 years back then. He could feel the sun’s warmth. He closed his eyes, and there was an orange glow all around. He enjoyed it, he could see shapes forming in the orange background.
And then it happened, he heard a rumble. A shudder, a shiver. He saw it in the distance, the hot molten lava coming out from the volcano, covered by ashes, smoke. There was panic in the city.
He no longer heard the jingle of the ice cream truck, only the sounds of people, trying to run around for help. He lived in a volcanic city, he knew that, but he thought the volcano was dormant. It came as a shock!
The orange he saw when he closed his eyes, could now be seen with his eyes open, the molten lava, rapidly spreading throughout the city.
Till date, whenever he remembers that day, he believes he feels orange.
I believe we all associate with colors in a different way, depending upon what we have experienced, and that remains etched in our hearts forever. We all see the same things, hear the same words, however, our ways of interpreting them is different. That is what makes us unique, makes us different, makes us colorful.


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