Break Free

“And then,
I went into a daze. The noise reverberated, loud and clear. With every passing second, I could feel myself getting closer. It was like a trance, I felt alive only in body and soul,  but my heart raced to someplace else. All of a sudden, it was like, I had been engulfed into another world. I could still hear the noise distantly. My thoughts ceased. I felt numb, numb in mind and in spirit”, said Joshua.
Joshua was a believer, but circumstances changed her.
The spark within her had died long back. All she was now, was a mind with barriers, a body without soul, a heart without emotions. Her body functioned normally, but she had nothing more in life to do. Or maybe, that is what she believed. Each day went by, like the others, nothing new. Monotony had become her friend, and excitement her enemy. She felt lost, lost in her own thoughts, unable to express herself to others. How could she, no one would understand her. Then, like a gush of fresh breeze, came  a friend, who understood her and all her problems. The friend was no one else, but Joshua, herself.

Joshua was a believer, how could circumstances change her!

She realized that she needed to act quick, or the sorrow around her would only engulf her. She knew she had to be her friend, who could pull her away from the darkness, and back into the bright light. And yes, she did exactly that. She let go of all her fears, of all her worries and troubles! She decided to distract herself by doing other things. And she did. For Joshua was a believer, a mere damage could not harm her.
That’s how we all must be. We all face difficulties and challenges in life. We decide whether we want to give up or face the challenge.  We all need these hard times.            So, when hard times come, we must learn to embrace them, but, we must also learn to let go. Let not joy or sorrow become your master. We need a balance of both. We are our very own saviors.


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