“It was a thing of great beauty”, said the Doctor,recalling one of the most fascinating memories he had experienced in his entire tenure in the hospital.
Taking the baby in his arms,the Doctor felt a feeling of responsibility, an emotion he had never felt before, a feeling of fatherhood. The baby beamed over,with eyes glistening,searching for love and care.
The after-effects of one large nuclear disaster after another had been devastating. Just after everyone had adjusted to their normal routines with great difficulty, were they hit again by a second nuclear disaster,shattering not only property and people,but also hopes. The conditions grew worse over the days,as people started showing severe mutations.
” Doctor! It’s a girl”, exclaimed the nurse. The birth of a girl, itself being condemned was not a pleasant news for many. Moreover, the girl showed a mutation which made the doctor dread if her parents would accept her. Nevertheless, the doctor found her to be the prettiest of all children he had seen. Taking the little bundle of joy to the parents,the doctor announced the news. The parents, upon seeing their daughter,fled away the same night.
The heavens burst out that night, as if crying, crying for someone to take care of the little one. There was thunder and lightning, and hail and rain. Mother Nature seemed to be in her worst,defying the black spirits on Earth. Nevertheless, the little child slept,peacefully with no worries.
The next morning, the hospital got news of the parents. They had no option but to send the child to an adoption center. The Doctor resented this idea completely. He knew that no one would accept her, that she would be abandoned again. The Doctor decided to take her home.
After all the necessary documents were filled, the Doctor took the baby home. However, on reaching there, revelation dawned. The Doctor had nothing to take care of the baby. He felt helpless! ” Have I made a hasty decision?” The baby cried all night long, and the Doctor did everything to comfort her.
” I need to find a home for her, where she will get all the love and care she deserves.”
There was a child care home and the  Doctor decided to put the girl under their care. ” What is her name?”,  asked the caretaker. ” Hope”, replied the Doctor.
Over the years Hope grew and was well taken care of. While the other children would play, Hope would write stories and paint. She was an artist. She always knew that she was different, not like the other kids. Often, looking in the mirror she would view her scars,and would sob all night long. She had no idea why she looked so different. However, every year on her birthday, she would receive a present, no one ever told her who it was from. She knew she had a family,someone who cared for her, and that gave her the strength to have confidence in herself. She would paint her sorrows into pictures. Then, on her 21st birthday, she received a letter:
Dear Hope,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Hope. You may not know me, but I have been watching over you ever since your were this Little Princess. And today, you have turned into a Beautiful Girl. You are the prettiest, and let not the world tell you otherwise. Beauty comes from within. It is the beauty of the soul, the heart and the mind. And nobody can deny that you are the Loveliest of all girls. You have the brightest eyes, and the prettiest smile, and moreover, a pure heart.  I also know about your artistic ventures. Keep on putting your imagination into words and in your paintings. Let the world see your power, and do not hide. For,the day you hide yourself, you will be lost. Show the world the talent you have and let the world be your stage. You can do anything if you put your mind and soul to it. And I know, the day you decide to let go of all your fears of facing the world, the world will be yours and yours alone. I have always been there for you and will continue being there till my last breath. For you are my Little Princess.

On reading the letter, Hope started sobbing. But then, she knew that she had to stay strong, for the man she called Her Godfather.
Hope was now determined to find out who he was. Next year on her birthday, she followed the messenger who got presents for her. She reached a house, shabby and dark. She did not know if she should enter, so she just peered into the window. There, lay an old man on bed, with no strength, lifeless. Something kept him alive, what ,she did not know. The man saw her, and she shuddered and slipped.
” Master is calling you in. ” , said the messenger.
Hope was now pondering on whether to enter or not. But, something about the man felt so special that she decided to enter.
” Little Princess!”, exclaimed the Doctor, the voice barely being heard. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. Hope realized at this very moment who he was. He is the one who has taken care of me secretly throughout these years, who has looked after the minutest problems of mine, my Godfather. Hope had already been told about her parents and how they had left her. But she knew no further.
” Father”, the words came out of Hope’s heart. And then, both the Doctor and Hope embraced each other and tears started rolling down both their eyes. The Doctor had never imagined that Hope would recognize him.
” Father, I will now stay with your forever. You have taken care of me till now, and now it is my time to do the very same for you.”
” Yes, my Little Princess. You will take care of me. ”
And then, the Little Princess and Doctor stayed together, with the daughter taking care of her Father like no other. Hope found her family ,and that was all she needed. She got a new confidence,and showed the world her talent.
Sometimes, it is not about what you are, but what you can be, if given the chance. Hope was not only a survivor, but a fighter. She lived strong,and spread her strength to the world, inspiring girls like her not to give up,but to give their best and show the world their strength.
For, life is all about finding and creating yourself.


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