It is not always about Physical Illness

#It is not always about Physical Illness
Is mental health that bad?
Does not the WHO say that health is defined not merely as the state of physical well-being, but as the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Then why do we base our opinions looking at a person. Why do we say, “Hey, you look pretty healthy, why do you claim to be ill?”. Why cannot we learn to accept the fact that there is something far beyond being physically fit and fine.
I want everyone to know that Physical Illness and Mental Illness are not the same. No they are not.
Physical illness is something which others can see so they can relate to it, something which can be healed, given the time, effort and medicine.
However, what I do not understand is that although Mental Illness is far more painful than physical illness, is why we cannot dedicate at least the same amount of time and effort for it? Why do we refrain from talking about it? Why do we believe that it will soon get better if we do not pay attention to it?Why do we wish to give up on Mental Health?Why talk about it Gingerly?


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