Technology or Experience?

Received a text from a friend Hey! Let’s chat!”
And at the same time grandmother asked,”So, what did you do today?
Which conversation to attend to first?
Well, in today’s age of technology,we have become so far advanced, that we fail to notice several things that technology cannot teach us.
While the previous generation is still struggling with the new technological advancements, we, the newer generation, are struggling with how to deal with day-to-day life.
Often, I question myself, “What is more important?”
There are so many instances when our grandparents try to explain things to us, to convey messages to us,by giving examples of their own experiences, and yet, we are so caught up in our own world, that we barely hear what they have to say. However, when we read messages on our phones, we are so engrossed in the messages,that we have no clue of what is going on around us.
There is so much to learn from the previous generation, so many answers to all our questions, and yet, we resort to social media.
While we are conversant with the new technology, we must also make an attempt to be conversant about life and it’s lessons, cause only then will out future generations be able to understand the true essence of life.
So,technology cannot teach us, what experience teaches us.
What would you like to be conversant about?


Cause it is the costume

Touchstone, the court jester, in William Shakespeare’s play, As You Like It, is the first one that comes to my mind when I hear ,costume.
I have always imagined him as one whose costume is colorful, incroyable, extra-ordinary, and ,one which does not portray his wit. The significance of his character lies in the costume.
It is after I read this play, that I started focusing my attention to the costumes of the different characters of stories, and that intrigued me. Every character has a costume, characteristic of their trait,one which matches with their personalities. So be it Jughead, with a beanie or Hercules Poirot with his moustache and a well- pressed suit.
It is the costumes that make the characters we read about, or view, seem much more real.
And that is the best part about books. You are not only transported to another world, but you also get to imagine what the character looks like, without even actually seeing it. 🙂


What have you enrolled for?

And unknowingly,we enrolled ourselves,not only for success,but also for failure.
Such is life!
The sun cannot rise ,if it does not set. And so, we too cannot rise,until we set.
Failure is like bungee-jumping. There is all the nervousness when you fall from the great height. But then again, only after you fall, can you spring back to an even greater height,only to fall again, and so,it continues.
Let’s not call it failure, but, learning how to succeed.
However,one thing we have not enrolled for is routine practices. We often tend to follow the crowd. Like there is a certain way life is meant to be lived, and anyone who ventures to live it their way is not fit to live life in “the certain way”.
It is as though we are walking on a bridge, one behind the other, not knowing where we are headed.
Instead,let us try to create our own bridge, one wooden plank at a time. That way, our route will be unknown to us, but our destination will be clear.
We have not enrolled ourselves to live like others do, but instead,we have enrolled ourselves to learn how to create our own life.
•The sky is only the inner limit. We have the whole universe to explore.•


An unknown neighborhood

In an unknown neighborhood,

Josie sat alone,

A cup of coffee and a book in hand,

Everything was fine,until the doorbell rang.

Petrified,she peeped outside,

However,no one was in sight.

Trembling,she now went to bed,

Twisting and twirling, she tried to sleep.

A thud in the neighborhood,

Awoke her soon.

The neighbors lights were on that time,

Two silhouettes in there she truly saw,

One carved their demons so they looked like angels,

For the very next moment,

A shadow, a knife, and a treacherous murder was committed

Was it a dream? Or was it real?



How beautiful it is, when certain sites evoke memories of the past. 

It shows us how much we have endured, how far we have come, and how much strength we have. 

These sites, no matter how small they may be, send a shiver down our spine, because of the memories connected with them. 

Such as the site of a person winning a competition. When we view these sites, we reminiscence the moment when we probably were in their place, waiting for the winners name to be announced. 

These memories, are like shells which we collect in a jar, one by one. Collecting these memories, we trod through life. And by the end of our journey, we have multiple jars with numerous shells, all waiting to be looked at, one last time, to evoke the feeling,called life. 


Bloom and Blossom

Don’t be saddened by difficult times
For,even to bloom afresh,
A tree needs to shed all of it’s leaves
It may look bare and desolate now
But, when spring comes,
It will be blooming
It is only after shedding all the leaves,
That you can bloom again, into something much more beautiful
A tree that has shed all it’s leaves is not weak,
It is just preparing for a better blossom
Don’t fret the hard times,
Look forward to the happy times 🙂


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