Existential block

Staring at the sky, I release a little sigh. Why do we remain stuck chasing same problems over and over again? A never ending sorrow, all the pain and grief, I seem to be stuck in an existential block. Days pass night falls, in my ways I'm stuck, routine after routine no time to change. … Continue reading Existential block

Cast light upon your dreams

The moonlight peeped through the blinds into the room.There lay the protagonist of this short story, not in deep sleep,but rather, wide awake, having conversations in her head of possible events in the future. Don't we all do that at some point?? So, there lay the protagonist, having a million conversations in her head. Sleep … Continue reading Cast light upon your dreams


It's July already, and it's been a long long time since I last posted. It was as though all ideas ceased to come. Probably the thought fairy cast her spell, and WHOOOSH... I started dreaming about writing more than actually writing 🙂 I am a DREAMER, or rather an UNREALISTIC DREAMER.🙈 I love to stay … Continue reading Dreamer