Mend a little

“Hi daddy, how was your day?”
She asked, smiling and setting aside her bag.

Her evening conversations with her dad were the most inspirational and she enjoyed them the most.

They taught many things at school, but what he taught her, no one could teach.
After a short but knowledgeable conversation, she walked back into her room.
Suddenly, her dad noticed that her shoe was torn. They had been quite old. However, their financial condition had not been good for quite sometime, so he could not afford another pair for her. He felt guilty, and decided to gift her a new pair for Christmas.

The next day, when she returned from school, the father was shocked, for he saw that not only had her shoes been repaired,but they had been painted beautifully.
She saw her dad notice her shoes.
“These were the envy of everyone at school today. ”
How did you manage to do that? Asked her father.

“Daddy, you once told me that anything broken could be mended. Just a little bit of glue here and there, and my paintbrushes were enough to seal the damage. These are as good as new. Besides, I don’t need new shoes, those will hurt me for a couple of days before I get used to them. These are perfectly alright for now. ”
There were tears rolling down his face. He felt bliss,like never before.

Everything in life can be mended. Damages are meant to be repaired. Pain is meant to be healed. There is no need to try hard to solve a problem, the solutions are always the easiest. So take some glue, and some paintbrushes, paint and glitter, and color your troubles in the most prettiest way possible, such that they don’t seem like troubles anymore.


Mend a little


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