Fresh beginnings

I treaded onto a particular journey,
Not knowing, that was not what I was meant to be,
Everything went about smoothly,
And even the boulders seemed tiny.

Then, one day, everything began to change,
And boulders tumbled and tumbled over me,
Unable to understand what was happening,
I started believing unsuccessful I would be.

Disappointment seeped in,
Through the tiny cracks that had been formed over the years,
And it would not have been long before,
The entire wall would crack, just like in my fears.

I needed some time with myself,
To understand what was wrong,
But the self esteem was dripping,
And all faith in myself was lost.

Then, one fine day, I decided
To follow my passion,
Which since a long time had been buried,
Under what I thought would be more of a success.

And 3 months later,
Today I stand,
Much happier than ever before.

Is it not beautiful how it feels,
When our hardest times bring out the best in us?

Have you gone through something identical?
If yes, do mention in the comments below. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Fresh beginnings

  1. Yes, failure tends to suppress you, bury your strength, and yes develop cracks in the entire wall. But your passion, desire for work will definitely help you overcome all the obstacles in life and then the world wittnesses the rise of the Phoenix.
    Always set yourself an example for others Jivu, as you always do!♥♥

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