Sudden life

IMG_20170304_183058 (1).jpg
And once upon a time,
The land flourished with trees,
Birds chirped from nine to five,
Life passed by with ease .
And one day, centuries later,
It all seemed to come to a standstill,
When nature became the victim,
Of man’s endless needs.
The land became barren,
Hardly any trees remained,
There was now melancholy in the air.
A tree then decided,
To take an initiative,
It dropped all its fruits,
In the hope of bringing the forest to live.
It waited patiently,
And nature had its means,
Of letting the seeds of the fruits,
Being buried into the barren sea.
Days changed to months,
Rain changed to summer,
However,  no sign of life,
Seemed to appear.
Nature lost its hope,
The tree began to wither,
No sign of life,
Still seemed to appear.
And then, all of a sudden,
When all hope was lost,
A small bud pushed itself,
Out of the ground.
Merriment and happiness,
Filled the forest again,
The sign of a new life,
Boldened the faith again.
For when there seems to be no life,
Life actually begins,
Quite weird it is,
Quite sudden it is
But happen it will.



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