Wonderful wonder

Have you ever wondered about how wondrous we are, that our life is filled with wonderment, and that there is no moment more wonderful than now?
That’s the exact same thing Jen went through. Jen had the perfect life, and she loved winters. Every year, she would travel to someplace during the winters, and stock up on her warm winter clothes, fancy boots, and cute little gloves. However, this year, winter was not so much of a happy time of the year for her. She had just lost her job, and so she had a limited budget. She had to stay back in the city, cut down on shopping, and everything around her seemed to be going from bad to worse.She just wished for a tiny ray of hope to slash into this darkness. But, nothing seemed to be going right.
One day, while returning home from the market, Jen accidentally slipped and fell. Her ankles were hurting. With a lot of difficulty, she got up, and sat down on the nearest chair. And what she saw,amazed her. In the snow, where she fell, she left her own snow angel mark. It looked so pretty, that for the first time in the last few months, she actually smiled, and the tears that rolled down her eyes, were filled with wonderment, happiness and guilt. Guilt because Jen just realized that through all the hard times, she had not lost everything! She still had her talent, her skills. All this time while she was crying over the things she lost, she forgot about all her own specialties.
That’s what happens in life. We never loose everything. We might lose something materialistic, but we still have ourselves, and within ourselves lie all our skills, all our talents, and no one can take that away from us. We never loose it all.
So next time, while facing any difficulty, always remember that the difficulty is not the problem, it is our inability to see ourselves as unique, to see our talents during hard times that is the problem.
The vast mountains may hide the land that lies behind it But, the land still continues to flourish to its fullest, cause only those who venture to reach at the top of the mountain, will be able to view the beauty of the land that lies on the other side.
Isn’t life a wonder?


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