Since childhood, we seem to have fabricated our entire life. We decide where and what we wish to be at a particular age.
However,it all seems rosy in the beginning, yet we hold onto faith and traverse the journey we have prepared for ourselves.
Is it not unique, that we are able to decide our journey for ourselves?
Yet, we conform to the norms set up by the society.
We can decide what we wish to be, yet,there are times,when,whilst pursuing our dreams,and all that we thought of during childhood,we begin to fear acceptance,respect and recognition.
And all of a sudden,before we know it, we untangle the threads of the fabric,we so thoughtfully weaved during childhood.
And slowly, the cloth we had prepared no longer seems to resemble the one we have now.
This uncoiling,unwinding,untangling,interweaving and intertwining,creates a fabric,which is no longer dear to us, which we no longer recognize,but,which appeals to the society.
It is up to us,whether we go on to weave the same fabric we had decided, or the one that was made by untangling the previous fabric.
And,I too was in a world where the fabric I had weaved was not the one I had decided upon.However,it is never too late to make a change,for patches can always be mended.


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