It is not always about Physical Illness #2

Why does it so happen? Why do our dreams and ambitions, which we have dreamt of since childhood, break apart so soon? Are we not strong enough?
Well, let’s consider it this way.
Imagine that our fears, our sorrows, grief’s, our difficulties, our catastrophies, these are all tiny droplets, evaporating upwards, from a pool full of emotions. Now, these are the droplets which on evaporating, form clouds, and once in a while,these clouds burst, and out comes all the sorrow, down pours the rain, through the glistening eyes. Vision gets blurred and hazy, yet we continue, till there is another outburst.
Now, sometimes, all these clouds merge together, to form one large cloud, “Depression”.
When this happens, the clouds burst, and there is endless rainfall, with torments, storms, and these are the very feelings that a person in depression experiences. A void is formed, and not even the depressed, want to look deep into this void.
Mental health has always been considered secondary. Why is it so? Is it not as important, or even more important than physical health?
Remember, there are happy droplets too, evaporating from the pool of emotions. These too form clouds.
If you ever come across a person with depression, try to burst their happy cloud, and let all their happiness flow. For,helping one person, adds an extra happy soul to the planet. 🙂


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