The last mountain

Oh Lord!
Thank you.
These difficulties I have now,
Seem to have congregated and
Stand as a huge mountain in front of me
I know not what lies beyond,
I know the climb will be dangerous, and there will be lots of breakdowns and breakthroughs, as well,
But, only after I climb the mountain, will I see the true beauty that lies ahead,
I know, that I’ll have to face an even greater mountain later,
But at-least I’ll be able to easily cross  halfway through that,because of my past experience,
And in this way, I will be prepared to cross as many challenges that lie in front of me
For each challenge will make me stronger and more prepared for the next one.
And as I grow,
I am pretty much sure,
That the last mountain I’ll face,
Whose height I cannot even fathom,
Yes, that very mountain,
I’ll be greater than it,
And it will look petite in front of all my experiences



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