Technology or Experience?

Received a text from a friend Hey! Let’s chat!”
And at the same time grandmother asked,”So, what did you do today?
Which conversation to attend to first?
Well, in today’s age of technology,we have become so far advanced, that we fail to notice several things that technology cannot teach us.
While the previous generation is still struggling with the new technological advancements, we, the newer generation, are struggling with how to deal with day-to-day life.
Often, I question myself, “What is more important?”
There are so many instances when our grandparents try to explain things to us, to convey messages to us,by giving examples of their own experiences, and yet, we are so caught up in our own world, that we barely hear what they have to say. However, when we read messages on our phones, we are so engrossed in the messages,that we have no clue of what is going on around us.
There is so much to learn from the previous generation, so many answers to all our questions, and yet, we resort to social media.
While we are conversant with the new technology, we must also make an attempt to be conversant about life and it’s lessons, cause only then will out future generations be able to understand the true essence of life.
So,technology cannot teach us, what experience teaches us.
What would you like to be conversant about?


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