Cause it is the costume

Touchstone, the court jester, in William Shakespeare’s play, As You Like It, is the first one that comes to my mind when I hear ,costume.
I have always imagined him as one whose costume is colorful, incroyable, extra-ordinary, and ,one which does not portray his wit. The significance of his character lies in the costume.
It is after I read this play, that I started focusing my attention to the costumes of the different characters of stories, and that intrigued me. Every character has a costume, characteristic of their trait,one which matches with their personalities. So be it Jughead, with a beanie or Hercules Poirot with his moustache and a well- pressed suit.
It is the costumes that make the characters we read about, or view, seem much more real.
And that is the best part about books. You are not only transported to another world, but you also get to imagine what the character looks like, without even actually seeing it. 🙂



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