What have you enrolled for?

And unknowingly,we enrolled ourselves,not only for success,but also for failure.
Such is life!
The sun cannot rise ,if it does not set. And so, we too cannot rise,until we set.
Failure is like bungee-jumping. There is all the nervousness when you fall from the great height. But then again, only after you fall, can you spring back to an even greater height,only to fall again, and so,it continues.
Let’s not call it failure, but, learning how to succeed.
However,one thing we have not enrolled for is routine practices. We often tend to follow the crowd. Like there is a certain way life is meant to be lived, and anyone who ventures to live it their way is not fit to live life in “the certain way”.
It is as though we are walking on a bridge, one behind the other, not knowing where we are headed.
Instead,let us try to create our own bridge, one wooden plank at a time. That way, our route will be unknown to us, but our destination will be clear.
We have not enrolled ourselves to live like others do, but instead,we have enrolled ourselves to learn how to create our own life.
•The sky is only the inner limit. We have the whole universe to explore.•



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